Shroom Shack’s Best 5 Edibles For This Summer

Suppose you are a snack lover and co-incidentally a shroom lover, too. In that case, this collaboration between two of your favourites is something you would love to hear. Shroom edibles are like your regular snacks, with all the goodness of shrooms inside. So, if you want a fun and tasty way to enjoy the shrooms this summer, then edibles are the answer. At Shroom Shack, we have some fantastic products for you to try!

Mushies Microdose Gummies

The Mushies Microdose Gummies come in two sizes. The 250 mg pack has eight pieces of the product and in the 500 mg pack, there are four gummies. Irrespective of the size, each packet has gummies packed with exciting flavours. They are made with different flavoured juices. The energy boost given by them is unmatched and is perfect for summer.  

If you want something to microdose on, then the Mushies micro dose gummies are a perfect option. They are made of the Golden Teacher psilocybin mushroom extract that makes you think more clearly, and you will be done with your daily tasks quicker than before. So, buy them today before the stock ends!


Wonder Psilocybin Gummies, Cranberry (3g)

Cranberry-flavoured gummies are an all-time favourite due to their enhanced effects. The package contains three grams of gummies. These gummies are a great way to manage your daily psilocybin intake, amplify your mood, and elevate your creativity.  

The effects of this product are mainly due to the optimum psilocybin content. If you want to boost your productivity and spirituality, the Wonder Psilocybin Gummies are an effective way of doing so. Their taste makes them an instant favourite among all types of users. Buy them today and see the game-changing for you.


Wonder Psilocybin Chocolate Bar, Cookies N’ Creme (3g)

Our chocolates are special, especially the Cookies’ N Creme flavour. Flavoured chocolates are a great way of consuming Psilocybin mushrooms because who does not love chocolates? The best part about our cookies’ N crème is that they are available in two sizes if you want to experiment with dosages. 

You get eight chocolate bars for a 250 mg pack, and for a 500 mg pack, you get four chocolate bars. By incorporating psilocybin into your daily routine, you will experience many benefits. Especially if you face low productivity or anxiety, this product might prove to be an excellent pick for you. For a more potent dose, starting with two pieces and then increasing the dosage is recommended.


Wonder Psilocybin Gummies, Cherry Cola (3g)

Another fantastic product is our cherry cola-flavoured wonder psilocybin gummies. It is perfect if you want a natural boost to get through the day. They do so by giving you clarity of mind. 

The raw material for the Wonder Psilocybin gummies is grown in premium conditions so that your taste buds have an experience that is one of its kind. The Cherry Cola Gummies are available in a 3g size. Order now if you lack that productivity and energy boost in your daily life.


Wonder Psilocybin Bar, S’mores (3g)

S’mores is one of the favourite flavours worldwide. We have duly noted this point and partnered with the finest chocolatiers in Canada to bring you this s’mores-flavoured psilocybin chocolate bar. 

When the cocoa of the chocolate combines with the psilocybin from the mushroom, you will experience a unique trip. This experience will help you overcome your mental barriers by producing a state of euphoria and high productivity. So, this chocolate bar is a must-try. 


Now that you know the best shrooms edibles for summer place your order and enjoy the most flavourful magic mushrooms in Canada. If you are new to the shrooms world or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our customer service team will be happy to assist you!

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