Shroom Shack Microdose Capsules (500mg)


Get ready to take control of your greatest challenges! Shroom Shack House Brand microdose caps give you the ability to conquer your deepest creative slumps and break through your greatest mental barriers! Tap into a heightened state of mind and discover accelerated productivity, heightened euphoria, and increased creativity levels to uplift you through every moment of your day. Take 3 capsules daily or as needed and experience the true potential of your brainpower with Shroom Shack’s all-natural, non-intoxicating Microdose Caps.

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The Purest, Top-Quality Psilocybin

We believe in providing only top-quality products. We work hard to make sure that every one of the products that we sell contain only the purest, finest-quality psilocybin available.

Shroom Shack Capsules In Hand

The Best Microdose Capsules in Canada.

There’s no better place than Shroom Shack for all your microdose mushroom capsule needs to help you experience increased productivity and critical thinking. Our products only use the highest quality magic mushrooms and are suitable for any scenario. Whether you’re crushing a 9-5 or going to a concert, Shroom Shack has got you covered

Buy Microdose Psilocybin Mushroom Capsules Online.

While Magic Mushrooms continue their journey towards being widely available everywhere, using the microdose version of the psilocybin mushroom has become the norm for many people across Canada. At Shroom Shack, we’re proud to offer microdose capsules that are tested for their effectiveness to sharpen focus and increase motivation.

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2 reviews for Shroom Shack Microdose Capsules (500mg)

  1. juan chicas

    Quality product, bc it’s 500mg I can choose if I wanna feel a little throughout the day or a lot. Very easy to order too.

  2. Vancityrey

    It doesn’t taste like anything because it’s literally a pill, and what you feel is depending on your tolerance. With 1 I was able to feel a tiny bit but with 2 I definitely floated for the entire day. It was amazing and not enough to have me totally messed up, which is what I was hoping for.

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