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Friends Piggybacking Each Other

Buckle Up, Buckaroo!

These mushrooms are perfect for you. Astronomically powerful, if you are looking to take a wild trip to the moon and beyond, we’ve curated an exclusive collection of the most potent and elusive psilocybin mushrooms available in North America. User beware, these strains are not suited for beginners or for use alone, as their effects can have you seriously questioning reality.

Powerful Magic Mushrooms for Group Settings.

If you’re looking to go on a wild psychedelic trip, there’s no other magic mushroom strains better than the ones we’ve selected above. Pick a couple of your favourite strains and split them among friends. We recommend using these in group settings with designated sober spotters in case the trip gets too wild. However, the team at Shroom Shack always respects heroic trippers.

Watching The Sunset