How Christmas and Magic Mushrooms Are Coincidentally Related

When we think of Christmas – that innocent, childhood holiday usually accompanied by white fluffy snow and hot chocolate – it’s hard to imagine it to have any association with the mind awakening prowess of magic mushrooms. However, there might be more of a relation between the two than many will think.

How does something as eremite and unconventional as the Blue Meanies mushroom have anything to do with a holiday that every child and adult partake in celebrating annually? Little do people know, many principles of Christmas is built on top of the use of magic mushrooms.

Where Christmas Came From

The tales of Christmas originated from Nordic countries. In this region, there are a group of people known as the Arctic shamans who used to distribute and promote the use of psilocybin mushrooms as part of their winter solstice rituals. As part of the celebration, these shamans dressed in red clothing with white spots, similar to the Amanita mushrooms (warning: these are poisonous!)

Many people suspect this to also be where the character of Santa Claus originated from, though watered down from the original clothes that he was given to something more meta and child-friendly. Due to the amount of never-ending snow, Arctic shamans typically entered their snow-blocked homes through the opening in the roof, which is also identical to how Santa Claus is said to deliver presents on Christmas Eve.

Every Christmas Story Told Must Have Its Origins

In Nordic countries, people enjoyed and often told stories of magical experiences, fantasizing about nature and cold, winter skies. It’s within logic to elaborate that many of these experiences shared were actually hallucinations, caused by the usage of psilocybin mushrooms such as the Albino Avery.

In Addition to the stories about winter wonderlands, the involvement of reindeers also has a connection to magic mushrooms as well. Reindeers were generally recognized as spirit animals to the Arctic shamans. Thanks to the influence of magic mushrooms, it’s easy to see how the tales of riding reindeers beneath a beautiful December night sky can be experienced through hallucinations.

Gifting Psilocybin Shrooms Instead of Toys

Another interesting connection between magic mushrooms and Christmas is the tradition of giving out gifts during Christmas time. Around December, most people put up trees in their living rooms to mark the coming of the holidays. Underneath the trees, wrapped gifts of all sorts of content are placed. This is an interesting symbolism as mushrooms are also known to grow at the base of trees. It’s hard to imagine it being only a coincidence that the most traditional wrapping of gifts are white and red.

In Closing

If all of these relations between Christmas and magic mushrooms has have you intrigued, why not experience the supposed magical substance as the Arctic shamans this Christmas? At Shroom Shack, we carry the finest dried magic mushroom, mushroom edibles, and microdose capsules. If this is your first time buying magic mushrooms online in Canada, be sure to read our guide on how the buying process works first!

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