Dried vs. Fresh Shrooms: Everything You Need to Know

There are varied opinions on dried mushrooms. If you are new to shrooms, you must have heard people advising you to try dried shrooms while encountering an equal number of devotees of fresh mushrooms. All this makes a choice difficult for a newbie, so here is a complete insight into dried and fresh shrooms. Let us tell you one thing — your magic shrooms trip will not be any that you have already been on after you look at both sides of the picture!

So, let us compare a few effects of both fresh and dried shrooms for a better understanding of both.


As per experience, fresh mushroom consumers have reported an intense and strong trip. Why does this happen? The answer is heavily dependent on the main psychedelic components. First, it is the Psilocin and the psilocybin. Psilocin is the compound that leads you to trip, and inside the body, all the psilocybin converts to this active form, Psilocin. 

However, the Psilocin is highly prone to degradation as it is sensitive to heat. So, it would be helpful if you consume them fresh before Psilocin degrades during the drying procedure. You can also delay the degradation by keeping the shroom kit inside a refrigerator.



Dried mushrooms are low in weight as they lose their water content. So, if you opt for dried mushrooms, you will have to increase the dosage to have a significant result. Also, the correct amount dosage varies from person to person. So, you have to see what works best for you.



The earthier taste of magic shrooms differs from the regular mushroom. Thanks to the psychedelic compounds that account for the taste and effects of the magic shrooms. Fresh shrooms have a richer flavour as compared to dried ones. The flavour and texture of the dried shrooms are not something a beginner would like. 

However, there are ways with which you can improve the taste of a dried shroom as well. For example, you can consume it with chocolates, lemon juice, and much more.



Storing magic mushrooms depend on your choice of the type of shroom. The storage life of fresh mushrooms is less. You can keep them in the refrigerator for 5-10 days, but they will begin to decompose. As for dried shrooms, you can store them longer in a mason jar.


So What’s Better, Dried or Fresh Shrooms?

Your preference is the final answer to the never-ending battle between fresh and dried mushrooms. Always look for what suits you. What is essential is an intense but, of course, safe trip. So, if you are a first-time consumer, the journey might be very intense for you. So, make sure to be in a secure space around people you trust. If you are looking for the best things you can do on shrooms, we’ve you covered with a list of 5 amazing things to do while on shrooms. 


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