Dried Magic Mushrooms versus Edible Magic Mushrooms

Over the past couple years, the use of magic mushrooms for both recreational and medical purposes have been much more popularized and well known. Across the globe, more and more people are looking at shrooms to increase productivity and draw connections between subjects that previously weren’t possible.

With any sprouting area of interest, enthusiasts and researchers are known to experiment with all possible variations of the subject. In the case with psilocybin mushrooms, many innovated new ways of consumption, from drying it, infusing the psychedelic properties into edibles, to even extracting the mushrooms into tiny capsules.

In today’s article, we visit consumption methods between dried magic mushroom and eating it in the edible form, and the different effects they each provide.

Dried Magic Mushrooms

There are known to be over 180 known species of magic mushrooms in the world. While every strain yields distinctly different effects from alleviating anxiety to taking us on a mental journey, only a portion of these are edible to humans, possessing the ability to yield psychedelic effects to our minds and bodies.  Consuming dried magic mushrooms is taking them in their purest form, usually with little to no additives. In Canada, some of the best dried magic mushrooms include the following:

Daddy Long Legs Magic Mushroom – Known for its trance-link effects and powerful hallucinogens

Albino Avery Magic Mushrooms – Heralded by enthusiasts as the most perfect strain of dried shroom

Metz Magic MushroomThe perfect started strain of psilocybin mushrooms with well balanced effects

Penis Envy MushroomFor the daring and adventurous, and those looking for a hell of a trip

Wollygong Magic MushroomExperience elegance and aesthetic beauties through your very own eyes

Magic Mushroom Edibles

Much like infusing anything into treats, magic mushroom edibles can be paired with any kind of food, snack, or beverage that won’t perish too quickly. Those with some experience in the hobby can easily incorporate magic mushrooms into their daily routines, making consumption discreet and handy.

Unlike dried magic mushrooms, psilocybin mushrooms in the form of edibles loses its organic properties and the purity of the experience. The distinct flavour of the strain of the shroom is often overshadowed by the type of food item it has been combined with. However, the upside to edibles is its ability in providing accurate dosing, which usually comes from a single piece of gummy or candy bars with clear cut portions.

Some of the best magic mushroom edibles include:

Wonder S’mores Chocolate Bar – Delightful taste with a punch of urban fantasy jungle campfire

Mushies Microdose Gummies – Easy to consume, the perfect entry edible for budding mushroom enthusiasts

Wonder Psilocybin Watermelon Gummies – Every gush of juicy, natural tasting watermelon comes with delightful consequences


Should You Try Dried Magic Mushroom or Psilocybin Mushroom Edibles?

If you are looking to pick between the two, we recommend you to first try one of each to figure out which method of consumption is more to your liking. With that said, we hope to have helped simplify some of the decision-making process and to make choosing one more easier.

Should you find yourself looking to try some magic mushrooms, we’ve got a curated collection of magic mushrooms available on our website. Be sure to also read up on our guide to placing an order online for magic mushrooms in Canada if this is your first time purchasing!

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