5 Amazing Things To Do While On Shrooms

As interest surrounding the wonders of psilocybin magic mushrooms continues to grow around the world, we’ve noticed a significant increase in the number of people curious to experience their own “magical” journeys. While many professional institutions around Canada are deep in conversations regarding the legalization of psilocybin shrooms, if you’re looking to enjoy a shroom trip for yourself, your biggest concern might simply be figuring out what to do while you’re tripping on magic mushrooms!

If you’re new to the shroom community and looking for the best things you can do on shrooms, we’ve got you covered with a list of our 7 favourite things to do for the best magic mushroom experience. This article explains the top 7 activities that are both safe and proven to make your psilocybin experience as memorable as possible!

Whoaaaa, Don’t Start Trippin’ Just Yet!

Before we dive deeper into the top things to do on magic mushrooms, if you’re brand new, you need to be aware of things you can do to make your trip as enjoyable as possible. For instance, make sure you have a trip sitter to watch over you. This person could be a sister, brother, friend, or lover — so long as they’re somebody you can trust to keep you safe, calm, and comfortable while you’re on cloud 9! Other shroom etiquette includes making sure you’re tripping in a safe and sound location, as well as fine-tuning your mindset to think of nothing but positive things for the best experience possible.

If you’re curious about where exactly to buy shrooms online, be sure to check out our ultimate guide to buying magic mushrooms online — otherwise, let’s hop into the 7 best things to do while tripping on magic mushrooms!

1. Elevate Your Peace Of Mind & Meditate While On Magic Mushrooms

Psychedelics are widely known for their ability to awaken your mind and help you experience true serenity and peace. In this way, one of the greatest advantages of magic mushroom trips has to do with meditation and similar calming activities — there’s truly no better way to practice mindfulness! 

As psilocybin makes for one of the best compounds capable of reducing your anxiety and stress, try employing some simple breathing techniques the next time you set out to explore your true self on shrooms.

2. Re-Experience Your Favourite Songs!

Listening to music while tripping on magic mushrooms is, without a doubt, the eighth wonder of the world! Whether it’s your top tunes or the trippiest instrumentals known to man, listening to music while you trip is an absolute must for those looking to transcend the depths of reality into pure euphoria. 

Experiencing the therapeutic benefits and serenity of music as you listen to your favourite songs is a must-do shroom activity. Since the dawn of time (ok, maybe not that far back) ancient indigenous groups have practiced their psychedelic-dependent ceremonies with various musical instruments, singing, and dances. The music has been said to intensify their experiences, allowing them to reach an even greater state of mind! Don’t believe us? You’ll just have to see (or listen?) for yourself.

3. Watch Movies On Your Magic Mushroom Trip

Apart from pure entertainment, movies have long been known to promote mental health and wellness. Cinematherapy while on shrooms can help deepen the emotions you feel and the meanings you interpret from a given movie — regardless of the movie you watch, it’s likely you’ll think it’s Oscar-worthy! For movie enthusiasts looking for a pronounced shroom experience, we’d recommend pairing your popcorn with some penis envy shrooms.

4. Write Down Your Deepest Thoughts While On Psilocybin Shrooms

Journaling during your trip on magic mushrooms is a common (and often favourite) activity for shroom enthusiasts and beginners around the world! During your trip, you may notice a vast influx of new ideas and the sudden realization — all of them racing out of your mind just as quickly as they came to it! To avoid forgetting any of the deep and profound thoughts you’re bound to have, we recommend keeping a journal or diary at your side at all times so you can easily write or even draw out your thoughts! This will make your post-trip reflections that much more meaningful.

5. Explore Your Most Profound Thoughts & Ideas While On Shrooms

Like most things on psychedelics, your deepest thoughts and ideas are amplified when you are tripping. Building off of point #4, we’d recommend writing all of these thoughts down prior to the start of the trip so you can easily reference them. You’ll likely find and explore a plethora of unexplored views, opinions, and even solutions to questions you’ve always pondered — you’ll unravel thoughts that you likely didn’t even know you had!

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