3 Ways Magic Mushrooms Benefits Your Mental Health

Magic mushrooms have long been used for both recreational and medical purposes. The wondrous effects of psilocybin have the potential to alleviate negative side effects and symptoms experienced by those suffering from a variety of mental health disorders. 

It’s never been easier to purchase shrooms and mushroom edibles in Canada, so you may be curious as to how they can benefit your mental health. You can also check out our post on reasons why you need to try magic mushrooms.

If you’re eager to explore this “magical” world and embark on a journey of spiritual wellbeing, then we’ve got you covered. We’ll be discussing the three mental health disorders in which studies have found magic mushrooms to significantly improve.

Depression & Anxiety

Psilocybin is well known for treating depression and anxiety. Magic mushrooms ease many symptoms of depression, and it was even suggested to be fast-acting, and it instantly enhanced participant’s mood too.

A 2021 study found that participants who experienced the wonders of shrooms also noted a great improvement with regards to their anxiety and just one microdose left long-lasting positive effects.



In 2019, the Center for Psychedelic & Consciousness Research even found that psilocybin has potential therapeutic effects with regards to treating addiction. The results suggest that not only is tripping on shrooms a great way to explore mindfulness, but it can be used to treat addiction to alcohol, smoking, and cocaine. The study shows that 80 percent of smokers quit after their psilocybin therapy. It even reduced any withdrawal symptoms and cravings too.

Psilocybe Aurescens, which grows on the northern Oregon Coast, is an example of a magic mushroom with significantly more significant quantities of hallucinogenic biochemical such as psilocybin and psilocin. They are commonly referred to as ‘flying saucer’ mushrooms due to their cap form. This highly adaptable species’ effects are usually seen in the human body 30 minutes after consumption.


Stress is yet another mental health issue that psilocybin has been found to help. Studies have shown that magic mushrooms have the ability to lessen symptoms experienced by those participants suffering from mild to severe stress.

Pure psilocybin, which is also found in Shroom Shack’s array of products, has long-lasting positive effects on people’s moods, well-being, and it even boosts creativity too. 

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