10 Tips to Improve Your Productivity While on Shrooms

Magic Shrooms have drawn the attention of medical professionals and patients alike due to their steadily rising ability to boost productivity in people who struggle with conditions like lack of focus and inconsistent behaviour.

There are specific steps to consider if you want the best productivity out of your psychedelic mushrooms.


1. Have a Reason to Start

You shouldn’t use the shrooms just because you want to avoid or cope with something going hallucinated as your defence mechanism. On the contrary, it is your responsibility and consent to use magic shrooms to improve your life.


2. Know Your Product

When taking magic mushrooms, you should know your product. Some products are more likely to put you under bad hallucinations, so it’s recommended to knowing to know how to find the right magic mushroom strain for you.


3. Tolerance Level

When you are on psychedelic mushrooms, don’t try to retake them on the same day. Know your amount right and focus on micro-dosing to boost your productivity. There are no benefits in using them within small intervals.


4. Drink a Lot of Water

You should drink a lot of water, and more specifically, you should get a big glass of orange juice. The juice’s vitamin C helps your brain readjust, stimulates your visual receptors, and paired up with the magic mushrooms; it will work wonders for your productivity.


5. Eat Foods That Produce Dopamine and Serotonin

You can prey on specific foods while being on mushrooms that produce dopamine and serotonin, which helps focus and concentration. Particular examples are turkey, eggs, nuts, fruits etc.


6. Keep Your Stomach Full

When you are feeling low on energy or dizzy due to the hallucinating effects of shrooms, you need the power to keep up with the routine chores. You can increase your productivity with your stomach complete, so you don’t feel burnt out.


7. Stay in Momentum

Once you start working on your day, it is a magic mushroom head start, so don’t let that energy die. Instead, pace up with that momentum because once you start slowing down, that hallucination will tempt you and make you sluggish.


8. Don’t Work in a Mess

Try to focus on one work at a time. Don’t multitask, as it won’t help your productivity, and you will not be able to concentrate properly.


9. Set Realistic Expectations

Your enthusiasm and productivity may suffer from overshooting just as much as from not planning at all. You could become overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to complete if you attempt to accomplish too many things in one day.


10. Do Physical Exercise

If you are working at a desk, consider exercising as it boosts your production. On the other hand, sitting makes you dull, and the hallucinating effects of shrooms might start to take over you.


Improve Productivity With Magic Shrooms

Magic mushrooms help improve your productivity, but if not used properly, they might have some negative sides as a bad trip. With this guide on how to improve your productivity while on shrooms, you should be able to give them a try and take the best out of them.

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